I thank God for the ministry of EFAC and believe its relaunch is timely in God’s wonderful purpose. EFAC’s role as a resource for Evangelical Anglicans to speak up for the central place of Scripture in the life of the Church and to bear witness to its unchanging truth in a world that is changing without moorings is vital for such an hour.
Rennis Ponniah, Bishop of Singapore
EFAC was instrumental in the founding of Trinity. We are proud to be called an evangelical seminary in the Anglican tradition. I trust that the links between EFAC and Trinity will continue and grow.
The Very Reverend Dr. H. L. (Laurie) Thompson III, Dean/President of Trinity School of Ministry, USA
EFAC was always a global Anglican network focused on nurturing evangelical leadership globally where resources were shared across the Communion. In the current context, its rich heritage of facilitating such training needs to be resourced and adapted to the new context where the Church in the Non-Western World has grown rapidly. I am delighted that EFAC is now poised to do that.
Canon Dr Vinay Samuel of Bangalore, India, Former EFAC General Secretary
EFAC has been a great blessing to the Church of Uganda, especially in support for the training of pastors and in building up the church. I am delighted that it sees a renewed vision for itself.
Stanley Ntagali, Archbishop