History and vision

History and vision

Established by John Stott in 1961, the Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion (EFAC) has played a substantial role in international gospel work. (Click Stott on EFAC Structure to read about the beginning of EFAC in Stott’s own words.) There are now many regional EFAC chapters around the world, each working to promote biblical faithfulness in their own context.

2018 saw a renewed global initiative to unite, equip, and energize those regional movements, as well as start new chapters throughout the world. The purpose of EFAC is to serve the chapters through training of their leaders, the Theological Resource Network, the Anglican School for Leadership Formation, and the strategic use of websites, newsletters, and other media. EFAC also facilitates the formation of partnerships between churches and seminaries and the participation of emerging leaders in international conferences and training opportunities. Download our Executive Summary 2019 and Download Our Brochure


Serving Jesus Christ by acknowledging and living under the supreme authority of Scripture.

Working together for the gospel with those from all nations. Encouraging and building up everyone who shares our biblical commitment.

Strengthening partnerships with all who claim the Anglican name and value the distinctive Protestant and Reformed heritage within the Anglican tradition, all who believe it is a vital part of our contemporary witness and our global future.

Reaching and serving brothers and sisters on every continent.

The purpose of EFAC is to encourage and develop biblically faithful fellowship, teaching and mission throughout the Anglican world.

The aims of the Fellowship, as stated below, rest on the conviction that a strong witness to the biblical and reformation principles is essential for the life and health of the Anglican Communion, within the wider context of seeking first God’s kingdom and the building up of his people. These aims are:-

  1. To promote the supreme authority of Scripture in matters of both faith and conduct throughout the Anglican Communion at every level of its life and witness.
  2. To share with members of the Anglican Communion a commitment to biblical obedience, particularly in the areas of Christian discipleship, servant leadership, church renewal, and mission in the world.
  3. To foster fellowship and unity among evangelical Anglicans throughout the world.
  4. To function as a resource group to develop and encourage biblically faithful leadership in all spheres of life.
  5. To provide a forum
    • For taking counsel together on important issues, in order where possible to develop policies in matters of common concern, and
    • For articulating gospel distinctives in the areas of faith, order, life and mission by consultations and publications.

It is now possible for almost every corner of the Anglican family to be inter-connected in ways unimaginable in earlier days. Through convenient travel and the expanding Internet, we can make Bible teaching, fellowship and personal connections, even organizational meetings, more accessible than ever before.

EFAC utilizes all the tools available in this modern age to preserve and strengthen the Church of today and tomorrow. We are developing resources for ministry. Cooperating widely, we develop broad congregational and individual financial support for EFAC and the national chapters, share resources, promote assistance for special projects, and steward historic resources for the best ministry outcomes.

Our goal is to raise up a generation of empowered, biblically faithful, servant leaders who will work together to raise up future generations for Christ.