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EFAC is deeply committed to the health of clergy–they are the gateway to the health of the Church! As such, it works strategically by encouraging them to seek out their regional chapter of EFAC. The EFAC vision is that these will serve as the primary resource for providing clergy with fellowship, encouragement, accurate information, and further education.

However, EFAC’s goal of having a chapter in every country has not yet been realized. Therefore, we are providing the following.

Expository Preaching

Because EFAC is committed to promoting and developing biblically faithful teaching and mission, it encourages the expository style of preaching. Unfortunately, this is not always taught during training. The following are provided for those who wish to develop in this area.

Links to Training in Expository Preaching

St Helens Bishopsgate provides some great resources on preaching here.

Examples of Expository Preaching

Many churches are famous for their tradition of excellent biblical preaching. It would be impossible to include them all, but here are a few websites from various countries around the world that offer great examples of Anglican evangelical preaching:

  1. All Souls Langham Place, London is the church of our founder, John Stott. Many of his sermons are still available, with sermons from many other preachers in this large #30336bcollection.
  2. The Diocese of Sydney is well known for its evangelical conviction. Its#30336b website gives access to sermons from many leaders.
  3. The Anglican Diocese of Singapore has a large vision to bring the Gospel to many surrounding nations. This #30336bcollection features an international array of worthy preaching.
  4. The Canadian west coast city of Vancouver is notable for its Pacific Rim multinational experience. #30336bSermons from St Johns Anglican Church, Vancouver are available.

Links to Bible Study Materials and Free Christian Books

Basic Christianity by John Stott—free download

Many free books can be found on Kindle, These are by evangelical authors such as Dl Moody, T Packer, J Piper, T Keller, JC Ryle, J Calvin, AW Pink, AW Tozer, J Bunyon, J Edwards, C Spurgeon, CS Lewis, and RC Sproul. Some books are offered in Spanish, as well.

Clergy interested in church growth may wish to preview Growing the Church 101: Being Disciples Who Make Disciples. Email communications(at) for bulk order discounts available only to EFACters!

Links for Information on Human Sexuality

The current climate for many Anglicans is confusing to say the least. Archbishops and bishops encourage “good disagreement” and tolerate and even promote practices that have traditionally been forbidden. The following links are provided for those who have questions in this area.

Anglican Mainstream on Issues of Human Sexuality in the Communion has a significant list of resources.

William Taylor on Revolutionary Sex is very good. It is available as an e-book and looks like it might even be free!

See also two articles linked here: Guarding the Deposit and Gospel, Church and Marriage.