Report in the Church of England Newspaper September 2 2021

Suspected Fulani militants have killed more than 35 resident of a Christian community in northern Nigeria. Gunmen invaded Yelwan Zangam, a village in Plateau State on the evening of Tuesday 24 August, firing gunshots. A bridge providing an escape for the community was destroyed and the raid lasted for hours, with numerous houses and vehicles set on fire, according to a report by Barnabas Fund, a persecuted church relief agency.

A senior pastor in Jos adds this report:

On Saturday 31st of July, my wife and I and our three children escaped lynching from Fulani killer herdsmen while driving to Miago area. The Fulanis were on one of their killing sprees at the very moment we arrived in the area, I had a function there which I was attending with my family. The area is just about 8 to 10 miles from where we live inside of our seminary compound. That experience of a near death experience was very traumatic to us. We praise God for rescuing us from this.

About a week after that, 7th of August, we were at the hospital with one of our children when this time, the city of Jos erupted in another round of crisis (the attack on Fulani commuters who were said to be traveling to Ondo state but were passing through Miango area under some questionable circumstances). We were again caught up in this situation as it was just about 2 miles from our home and it was a struggle to get home to our remaining children.

This very happening led to a further breakdown of law and order in the city of Jos, especially in the northern part of Jos referred to as Jos North which covers our area. During this period there were lots of killings and burnings on both sides of the divide. We were placed on a 24 hours curfew for about 2 weeks. My church had to organise for the evacuation of our church members during the curfew who were students at the University of Jos which is just about 3 miles north of where I live. This is because the University is located around a muslim community and the Muslims kept attacking the students killing about six during the curfew. One of my members was attacked but survived and had to stay in hospital for days.

Just about a week back, the Fulani again attacked a small suburb behind the University called Yelwa Zangam and killed about 36 Christians. The ECWA church there lost 12 people and our pastor serving in the community barely survived with his family.

Currently we are on a dusk to dawn curfew, activities are just picking up. Last Sunday we could not hold our Sunday worship time due to the security challenge, we hope to have service this coming Sunday.

With all these, I have been at the centre of organising relief materials for those who survived the killings in the Miango area but have lost everything.