National and Regional Groups

EFAC’s goal is to encourage and develop biblically faithful teaching and mission by establishing, serving and strengthening national and regional EFAC Fellowships. You can see some of these below.

If you want to start a national or regional EFAC Fellowship please download our Starting an EFAC Group Instruction Booklet here. Alternatively, booklets are available at cost on Amazon.

Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion, Australia

Church of England Evangelical Council, England

Church of Ireland Evangelical Fellowship, Ireland

Latimer Fellowship, New Zealand

Christian Fellowship Evangelical Inc., Nigeria

Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion – Uganda

Southern Mission Society, South Africa

Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion, USA

The Evangelical Fellowship in the Church of Wales, Wales

Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion, South Australia

Starting an EFAC group is currently being explored in Canada, Chile, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, Burundi, Malawi, Congo, Madagascar, North India, Rwanda, Pakistan, Singapore, Ghana, Brazil, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, and South Sudan.


EFAC Global is the hub of the EFAC wheel. The EFAC member groups are represented on the green circle; logos of currently active groups are shown. Communication between member groups and EFAC Global can flow a long the circle or via the center.

EFAC Global projects can be fo und inside the green ci rcle. These projects have been init iat ed by EFAC GlobaI for the benefit of the Chapters, but it is envisioned that the Chapters will also disseminate resources to other Chapters via EFAC Global. For example, EFAC-Brazil may translate materials for the benefit of EFAC-Mozambique and EFAC-Nigeria may provide Bible studies for use in other nations.

One of the consequences of contemporary problems with in the church is that Christian leaders in developing nations are hesitant to accept resources from the West. EFAC Global, with its known brand and reputation, can help advise Chapters where concerns arise about resources outside the circle .