Who we are

We are EFAC – the Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion

We support biblically faithful servant leaders, empowering them to work together to raise up future generations for Christ.

(biblically faithful = true to historic interpretation of the bible, taking the Bible as our main source of doctrine and practice)

Biblical faithfulness is essential for the life and health of the Anglican Communion.

Bishop Henry Scriven

Hon Secretary, EFAC

You may already be part of the national groups we serve, such as CEEC in the UK, or EFACUSA, among many others across the globe. We connect and resource these national groups, encouraging them as they develop biblically faithful teaching and mission.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support Anglicans to thrive, grow and go out – sharing Christ and being his ambassadors in their communities.

EFAC Global is the central organisation of the EFAC family. Together we work on:

  • Encouraging obedience to Jesus and his Word in teaching, mission and evangelism
  • Building up relationships among Anglicans across cultures

 Join us in our mission and connect with your national group.

How we build up God’s people

Together we create a strong witness to the biblical and reformation principles, working in a spirit of grace towards all others. Our name reflects our core values:


We are Evangelical

We serve Jesus Christ by acknowledging, choosing to live under, and promoting the supreme authority of Scripture. We value and defend the distinctive Protestant and Reformed heritage that have formed the Anglican tradition.

What do we mean by Evangelical?

There are five core beliefs that define evangelicalism:

  1. The Bible is true and authoritative for our lives.
  2. God’s eternal Word became human in the historical man Jesus
  3. Christ atoned for everyone on the cross
  4. The truth of the gospel becomes personal through repentance
  5. The good news, or gospel, must be demonstrated in evangelism and social action.

This article from The Evangelical Alliance is well worth reading on What is an Evangelical? .

We build Fellowship

We encourage and build up everyone who shares our biblical commitment, particularly in discipleship, servant leadership, and mission in the world.

What do we mean by Fellowship?

Fellowship is one of the four things the early church devoted itself to. It is a means of support and encouragement to others and ministry. It is defined by relationship, partnership, companionship, and stewardship.

We focus on the Anglican Communion

We foster unity with our Anglican brothers and sisters on every continent.

What do we mean by Anglican Communion?

The Anglican Communion (Communion website) is a group of national, independent, and autonomous churches throughout the world that stands by the teachings of Anglicanism and that evolved from the Church of England.

Our History

In 1961, John Stott brought together a group of international leaders to found The Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion (EFAC). The vision was to encourage and develop biblically faithful fellowship, teaching and mission throughout the Anglican world.


EFAC began publishing Evangelical books and articles, offering scholarship support to promising international students, and working with local church teaching and witness to reach the world’s farthest corner. EFAC played a substantial role in international gospel work and grew to include many regional EFAC groups around the world. Many Anglican leaders recognise how they and their communities have benefitted from EFAC.


We continue to hold our original vision but now must reach a very different world that includes Anglican turmoil, uncertainty and division.