The Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion (EFAC, founded by John Stott) works to help strengthen the church.

As part of our ministry, we have teamed up with Dictum Press to produce books of global worth, in print and ebook format. All titles are available for translation, or for new editions around the world.*

John Stott was keen to remind us that Christ gave gifts to his church to share. We would like to share these 16 books. If you are ministering in a country where the church has fewer resources, we would love to share them with you as ebooks, at no cost. You may be a church leader, teacher, medical worker, librarian, or a theological student. (You don’t need to be Anglican.) We would also love to share them with you at no cost if you are on staff — or a student — in an IFES movement, or Navs, Cru etc, anywhere in the world. Please scroll down.

Others in the UK or North America, please visit our UK bookstore or US bookstore. (Books can be ordered through Koorong in Australia.)

Essentials Collection

Jesus Prayed For Unity cover

Authors include John Stott, Chris Wright, Femi Adeleye, Vaughan Roberts, Ajith Fernando and Sinclair Ferguson.

Authority and Joy: The Bible in your Life

The Leadership Files: From around the world, across a century

The Cross: A fresh look at the meaning of the death of Christ

Money and the Gospel: Giving money and handling money

Take Care of Yourself in Ministry: How to survive and thrive in ministry

NEW: Jesus prayed for Unity

John Stott Collection

We also publish unique perspectives on John Stott’s life and ministry, including a children’s biography.

John Stott: Pastor, Leader and Friend: a unique collection from around the world, written largely by those who knew him well

John Stott’s Right Hand: The untold story of Frances Whitehead

Charles Simeon of Cambridge – tracing his influence through John Stott, Dick Lucas,
Langham Partnership, and the Lausanne Movement

John Stott: Big Ideas and an Adventure of Faith — the only children’s biography

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If you are in a country where the church has fewer resources — or if you are part of a student movement anywhere in the world, please download now.
Others in the West, please go to the bookstores above, to enable us to continue this ministry. Special discounts are offered to churches making bulk orders.

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Any questions, or requests to publish books, in whole or in part; in English or in translation, to Julia Cameron,  EFAC Honorary Director of Publishing.