Aids for Intentional Discipleship

A challenge facing churches across the world is to raise a new generation of local leaders from members of local congregations. Wise and effective leadership only grows out of serious discipleship. Hence the widespread interest in intentional discipleship. It has been through my involvement with Bishops Nick Drayson of Northern Argentina and Raphael Samuel of Bolivia, and in consultation with them, that I have been writing training materials with intentional discipleship in mind. ‘Walk the Way’ now published in English and Spanish focuses on our personal relationship with Jesus Christ, reflecting the experience of the first disciples. ‘Yes, Anglican Inspiration’ a second publication in both languages tells in 75 pages the Anglican story and points to its mission in the world today. Both the course and the book are free on line in their Spanish versions. The English versions are readily available for purchase and are produced by print on demand. More details about both publications are shown in the advertisements attached.

The concept of these particular materials began with a concern for the newly developing Anglican Church in Bolivia and its urgent need to equip young leaders. What has become increasingly clear is a corresponding urgency throughout the world. Through issues of poverty, breakdown of health and security, and hostile ideologies, ordained and lay leaders are facing increasing pressure. Those coming alongside them need to be adequately prepared. Residential methods of formation and training are increasingly unaffordable even in more privileged areas. More educational tools are needed for local use. I join with others in contributing aids to intentional discipleship which will, if it pleases the Lord, help followers to become new leaders able to engage in fruitful ministry in challenging times.

Maurice Sinclair

Hon. Assistant Bishop of Birmingham

Formerly Presiding Bishop of the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone

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