The Church of England Newspaper reports this week that Canon Vinay Samuel reports from Bangalore

“The situation is like facing an unseen enemy that is everywhere. When the virus spreads to the villages and rural areas it will have a devastating effect. Its spread in Bangladesh means that there is a serious risk the whole of the Christian leadership there could be wiped out.” He noted that Bangalore is the worst hit city in India.

The General Secretary of the Evangelical Fellowship of India is appealing for funds to provide food relief to at least 3000 families (15000 beneficiaries approximately) to help them weather this difficult time. Many of these families have been identified and many are still being added to our list. We are also hopeful of providing a grant of 55,000 (764 USD) to around 100 families that have lost their primary breadwinner. This grant can be used to start a small business so that they can sustain themselves. The total being sought is 180,000 USD

The EFI is one of only a very few organisations in India that, under new regulations, are currently registered to receive foreign donations.

You can see the wall of remembrance that the Barnabas Fund has on their website to remember pastors and bishops who have died.

If you are able to support this appeal, or any other appeal from Churches in India, then Barnabas Fund has agreed to pass on 100% of all donations earmarked for India directly to EFI to be channeled to the designated recipients.

Please donate here Coronavirus Appeal for India | Barnabas Fund