The Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life will be hosting our next public lecture by The Rt. Rev the Lord Carey of Clifton on Friday, 29 October from 1100-1230 UK Time.  The link can be found below. His title is Inescapable Convictions: A reflection on a lifetime of change and challenge. What characteristics of leadership will sustain younger leaders as they emerge to take over?
Lord Carey had this letter published in the Times today:

Sir, Your leading article (Oct 4) is right that the exodus of Christians from their Middle Eastern homeland is a tragedy that is gathering pace. I doubt, however, that it was ever true as you state that Christianity could have been described as a “visa advantage”. Christian refugees from Iraq and Syria have struggled to be accepted for resettlement to any western country, particularly the United Kingdom. Barnabas Fund, an aid agency of which I am a patron, obtained government figures in 2017 and 2018 which showed that, out of more than 8,000 Syrian refugees settled in the UK, only 25 were Christian (0.3 per cent). Before the Arab Spring, Christians represented about 10 per cent of the Syrian population. The UNHCR-run scheme discriminates against minorities to this day. I and many others have made repeated representations to the Home Office but we have been ignored.

Sadly, Afghan Christians are now facing the same existential struggle: the Taliban regard them as apostates and they may face the death penalty. All too predictably there has been no meaningful response to our pleas from the British government.

Lord Carey of Clifton
 Former Archbishop of Canterbury