John Stott 365 – A year of Bible reading fellowship

Watch the film above to hear the whole idea explained by Dr Peter Walker, including what it is, why we’re doing it and how you can get involved. Peter is our Theology Resource Director for EFAC.

John Stott 365

Join in with leaders and clergy around the world, reading the bible together in fellowship

based on ‘Through the Year with John Stott’

We invite you, Anglican leaders and clergy from around the world, to join us in a year of reading the Bible guided by John Stott’s wisdom in his book Through the Year with John Stott: Daily Reflections from Genesis to Revelation.

This is all part of our centenary celebrations to honour the life and ministry of EFAC’s founder, John Stott (1921-2011).

In Through the Bible, Through the Year, John has given us 365 short commentaries with readings from the Old Testament (up to Christmas), the Gospels (up to Easter) and the rest of the New Testament (to the end of August) contained within the book.

So, starting on Sunday 29 August 2021, you could be part of an EFAC Clergy Bible Reading Fellowship—submitting yourself daily to the Word of God and knowing that you are part of worldwide body of pastors and teachers who are all doing the same!

We’ll be inviting all those who sign up to be part of a Zoom, WhatsApp or other video-based fellowship at points through the year; comparing insights with clergy from other continents is a wonderful opportunity to continue to indeed build indeed an ‘evangelical fellowship’ in the Anglican Communion.

Join today as this could be especially encouraging during this season when international travel restrictions continue to make it difficult for us to meet each other in person. As John Stott often reminded us, the Holy Spirit gave to his church gifts to share, and sharing insights into scripture across continents builds rich, and strong, fellowship.

To join us, please register now.

To enrich this fellowship, EFAC is also making available another book: John Stott: Pastor, Leader and Friend (Dictum Press, 156 pages).

    • Clergy in the Majority World will receive both books in electronic format free of charge.
    • Clergy in the UK and US are invited to purchase these books for a combined price of £16.99 GBP ($24.99 USD) from our UK bookstore and US bookstore. Clergy in other countries should purchase both books from your normal online retailers.

Please note: Clergy in North America should register before Friday 30 April to enable transatlantic shipping time.

“John Stott has helped me for years through this marvelous resource, as I read and pray the Daily Office. Join ministers from all over the world as we read this together.”

Most Revd Dr Foley Beach

Archbishop of ACNA

“I am excited about this opportunity to draw ministers of the Gospel into a truly evangelical fellowship in the Anglican Communion – under the Word,
all around the world!”

Rt Revd Dr Alfred Olwa

Bishop of Lango, Northern Uganda