The Methodist Bishop of Igede, John Shettima, visited his home village, one site of the killings. He writes:

Peyami in Chibok local Government Area of Borno State that was attacked is my village.The attack started by 3 pm on Christmas Eve My wife was in the village when the killings started till 8.00 pm. The military came around 12.00 pm to witness the incident

That is the true story

Please pray for my community

I have so far visited the area with relief materials

A leading Anglican commentator writes:

It should not be lost on the West that while they experience REAL persecution in Nigeria the church continues to grow by leaps and bounds, while we in the West complain about loss of freedoms the churches here shrink. We (in America) have constitutional protections and the church slowly withers and dies, they have no constitutional protections, experience persecution and they grow. I wonder who has got it right!