Issued by the Resource Group to: Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches/Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion (GSFA/EFAC) Delegates at Lambeth 2022

25 July 2022


SOCIAL Media platforms and a website have been set up to keep orthodox Anglicans across the globe in contact with developments at the upcoming Lambeth Conference.

The Resource Group to orthodox bishops of the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches, meeting at the conference in Canterbury from Jul 26-Aug 7, have established the website, which will contain easy access resources for delegates.  It will also include all press releases and statements as the conference proceeds.  It can be accessed via

Christians across the Anglican Communion have been encouraged to link up with orthodox bishops and their contributions to the gathering by one of two social media platforms:-

Twitter: @LCResourceGroup, or Facebook:  lc22resourcegroup  

Bishop Henry Scriven, Hon General Secretary of EFAC, and chair of the Resource Group said: “Across the Global South, many churches and individual Christians keep in contact with their diocese and provinces via social media.  So we wanted to provide some simple ways that they could keep in touch with their bishops, what is happening at the conference, and the issues that are being discussed.  We hope that will increase informed prayer and awareness, and help  orthodox Christians feel a sense of connectiveness with what is going on.”

The Revd Paul Eddy, the group’s Public Relations Consultant added: “During the conference, Lambeth Palace will provide their own press conferences. But we, in turn, shall be providing the media with regular contributions from the Global South via press releases, and separate press conferences where the media will have easy access to bishops, which is not always available on campus.

“By making public all releases and statements, we hope to make a positive contribution to the whole conference, as well as educating the media as to where the Anglican church is rapidly growing – provinces which are faithful to the teaching of the Bible on matters of biblical authority, marriage and sexuality 

The developments follow the Resource Group’s ‘Call To Prayer’ earlier in July, asking orthodox Christians across the globe to pray for the conference daily at 9am, 12 noon, 3pm and 6pm, symbolically representing provinces and delegates from north, east, south and west of the Anglican Communion.

The majority of bishops from the Global South attending will be doing so for the first time, the last conference being in 2008. To support them, the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches, and the Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion (GSFA/EFAC) set up the ‘Global South Resource Group’ to support delegates, especially in relation to media relations.

Provinces linked to the GSFA represent 75% of Anglicans worldwide.


For Further information:

Bishop Henry Scriven           07789 63260

Revd Paul Eddy (PR)             07923 653781

Editor’s Notes:

The Resource Group comprises:  Bishop Henry Scriven, Bishop Keith Sinclair (National Director of the Church of England Evangelical Council), Canon Charles Raven (Director, Relay Trust),  PR Consultant Paul Eddy, and Bishop Rennis Ponniah and Revd William Wok of the GSFA Executive Secretariat.

The Lambeth Conference takes place from 26 July to 7 August at the University of Kent/Canterbury Cathedral.  Every 10 years or so, the Archbishop of Canterbury invites all the bishops across the Anglican Communion to gather together to discern God’s will for the communion in the decade to follow.

The Global South Fellowship of Anglicans (GSFA) is a worldwide fellowship of orthodox Anglican Provinces and Dioceses within the Anglican Communion. Presently, 25 Provinces belong to the fellowship.

The Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion (EFAC) plays a substantial role in international outreach, Christian teaching and theological education. It has many regional EFAC ‘chapters’ around the world, each working to promote biblical faithfulness in their own context. EFAC trains leaders, provides the Theological Resource Network, the Anglican School for Leadership Formation, and the strategic use of websites, newsletters, and other media. EFAC also facilitates the formation of partnerships between churches and seminaries, and the participation of emerging leaders in international conferences and training opportunities.