John Stott 100

EFAC Clergy Bible Reading Fellowship

based on ‘Through the Year with John Stott’

Dear brothers and sisters

Thank you for registering for the EFAC Clergy Bible Reading Fellowship.

This will be an exciting opportunity for us to journey through the Bible—on our own and together.

Nearer the time we will invite you to join a small group (4-5 clergy from different parts of the Anglican Communion). The groups will aim to meet by phone or zoom on several occasions through the year, to build some truly evangelical fellowship amongst us.

Dear brothers and sisters

Thank you very much for registering for this exciting project which will start at the end of August and continue for a year together.

You will receive both books in electronic format before the end of July. Please let us know if your email changes before then! (

Bishop Henry Scriven

(Contact email:

* The book Through the Year with John Stott will need to be obtained to join in this program.