Archbishop Sami Fawzi has been installed as the Episcopal / Anglican Archbishop of Alexandria and Primate of the Episcopal / Anglican Province of Alexandria, succeeding Dr Mouneer Anis.

In the united Church of Pakistan, Bishop Azad Marshall has been elected Moderator, to succeed BishopmHumphrey Peters.

A new Archbishop in Burundi will also up his post in August, when Bishop Sixbert Macumi will succeed Archbishop Martin Blaise Nyaboho as Primate.

Archbishop Sami Fawzi was installed at All Saints Cathedral in Cairo. Speaking at the service, he said:“the Church will continue to support the poor, the needy, the marginalised, and the people of determination and cares in particular [for] refugees through the Episcopal Care Institution.” He added that “the vision of the Episcopal Church is the main focus of a strong, real communion relationship with God” and that “this is how a spiritual revival is achieved in our churches”. He said: “My prayer is at the beginning of a new service that the Lord honours and entrusts to me in the region of Alexandria and the Archdiocese of Egypt to offer everything I can in the different dimensions of service in the Church with my fellow priests, deacons, lay servants and workers in the region and the parish, in spiritual, social, cultural, educational and medical work in man ecumenical spirit of cooperation with all the churches and in the spirit of dialogue and mutual love within our great Egyptian society and all the societies of the region in North Africa and the Horn of Africa.”

Last month, during the 16th triennial meeting of its Synod, the united Church of Pakistan unanimously elected Bishop Azad Marshall as Moderator and Primate. Bishops from all eight dioceses and members of the synod council were present. Bishop Marshall, the Bishop of Raiwind, succeeds Bishop Humphrey Peters of Peshawar as Moderator. “I’m humbled by the confidence shown in me by the synod members and I look forward to working closely with them to address the challenges facing the Church of Pakistan and the community at large,” said Archbishop Azad. “The church has a key role in community building and ensuring the welfare and security of its followers. Pakistani Christians are facing extraordinary challenges and it is important that the church leadership engages with the government and other stakeholders to find concrete solutions to these problems.”

The Anglican Church of Burundi also met last month to elect their new Archbishop. Bishop Sixbert Macumi of the Diocese of Buye will succeed Archbishop Martin Blaise Nyaboho, of the Diocese of Makamba, when he is installed as the Province’s fifth Archbishop on 21 August.

Church of England Newspaper June 24 2021